To teach the youth of Worthington the basic principles and fundamentals of football, while focusing on safety, in a fun and participatory environment.
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5/6th Varsity Tackle

3/4th Rookie Tackle

3/4th Flag

1st/2nd Flag


Welcome to the 2018 WYB 3/4th Rookie Tackle and 5/6th Varsity Tackle season. We will be holding Mandatory combines this upcoming weekend. This is to assess current skill level prior to being assigned to a team. Once the combine is completed rosters will be sent to coaches to than get team practice information out to all parents/guardians. This is for ALL new and returning players for Rookie and Varsity tackle..


3/4th Rookie and 5/6th Varsity Tackle Combine Information:


Kilbourne Middle School

50 E Dublin Granville Rd, Worthington, OH 43085

Dates & Times

July 21st 12pm – 3/4th Rookie Tackle Combine

July 22nd 12pm – 5/6th Varsity Tackle Combine


This year we are making some major changes to the program.  In efforts to keep up with the latest in football trends, WYB will be offering a rookie tackle league for the 3rd and 4th grade players.  The rookie tackle league will be a 7 versus 7 and focus on fundamentals that are required in the tackle leagues. Please see additional information in the Documents section of the site.



  1. All participants learn to play all positions and learn all football skills that are required by the game.

  2. Maximizing player enjoyment and skill development.

  3. Ensuring all players have meaningful playing time and the opportunity for improvement and success.

  4. Providing a bridge between flag football and the 11-player, full-field tackle version.

  5. Encouraging leagues to play on a smaller field size that is appropriately scaled to the age and skill level of the youth football player.

  6. Encouraging a fast-paced game with more plays, greater activity and the promotion of fun.

  7. Emphasizing fundamental skill development by isolating situations for players to showcase their abilities via formation regulations and limited field size.

  8. Allowing leagues and clubs to maximize field space by playing two games at a time on one regulation-sized football field.

  9. Limiting roster sizes to foster participation and provide more focused, individualized coaching attention during practice and on game day.




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